Taking Cyber Security to the Next Level

Cyber security is a topic with year-round appeal—but why not hit it especially hard during Clean Up Your Computer Month?

January is a great time to offer life-improving suggestions on your social media platforms. We always get lots of ideas for re-organization and cleaning up during the first month of the year. But you can stand out from the crowd—while still offering the suggestions your followers are likely to expect—by focusing on cleaning up cyber messes.

Cyber Security and Related Topics

  • Start with the basics:
  1. Back up the computer
  2. Conduct a thorough virus scan
  3. Take steps to ensure computer is running efficiently (disk de-fragmenter, for example)
  • This is a great time of year to remind your followers about all the amazing cyber security tips you’ve offered in the past.
  • Translate home clean-up tips to computers. For instance, offer different ways your followers could get that email inbox under control. Suggest your followers focus on one chore at a time (email inbox, refreshing passwords, cleaning up bookmarks, organizing online bill-pay, and so on).
  • Remind your followers what to look for when they’re conducting business online. (For example, two-step verification for log-in, secure websites, etc.)
  • All month, share data security tips, culminating in the Jan. 28 Data Privacy Day..

Cyber Security never goes out of style. Help your followers start the new year right by ensuring that they are safe—and organized—online.

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