Top 5 Insurance Marketing Ideas

You’re always looking for new things you can do to promote your agency, but it’s never a good idea to get too crazy. Most of the time, it’s better to stick to a few tried-and-true methods to let the world know how great your agency is. Here is a countdown of our top insurance marketing ideas.

Insurance marketing ideas: Community involvement

Consumers feel good about doing business with an agent who is part of their community. Show your local pride! There are many ways to get involved with the local community, and help to make it even better. One great way to start participating is to sponsor local events. For instance, if your city has a weekly farmer’s market or a seasonal festival, reach out to the organizers to see about becoming a sponsor. Then, set up a booth where visitors can come talk to you and ask questions, and provide free information they can take home with them. You might even offer free policy reviews right there.

Local volunteer work is another great way to give back. Soup kitchens and shelters always need volunteers, so consider having annual or even quarterly volunteer days where all the employees in your agency take a work day to help out a local organization. Your agency might also enjoy participating in a local Habitat for Humanity build, helping a family in need. After the build, you can display a photo of the completed home in your office. Not only will you have something great to show for your work and the feeling of having done something worthwhile, but it’s also a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to work together on a different kind of project.

Can you think of any other ways your agency could give back to the community?

Insurance marketing ideas: Be an educator

You’re more than an insurance agent — you’re an expert on helping your clients protect the things that matter to them. But it’s a crime to keep all that expertise to yourself. How are you sharing it? It’s important to let clients and prospective clients know that you know your business. Do that by educating your audience–one of our favorite insurance marketing ideas.

We’ve talked before about how powerful an insurance blog can be. In fact, can you think of a more perfect tool to educate people about the world of insurance? Naturally, you don’t want your entries to be encyclopedia or boring. Try doing posts that are a roundup of tips related to a certain coverage (like winter car care for people who have auto insurance), or go more in-depth into a single topic you think your clients could benefit from knowing more about. You can get some great ideas just from questions that clients ask you during conversations.

Social media can be used as another great educational tool. Use it to post more concise information or single tips, and even to share articles you find to be interesting and informative. You can also create infographics to show off statistics or how-to guides involving insurance. “How to file a claim with our agency” could make a great infographic!

Online videos are another great resource for all the visual and audial learners out there. Consider creating videos to explain topics that your clients have had questions about in the past. You could include these in an e-mail newsletter, or share them on your social media as well.

Educating your clients is a great way to build trust and ensure that they’ll always turn to you for their insurance needs.

Insurance marketing ideas: Cultivate memorable branding

A brand is about more than a logo and a slogan. It’s about the public face that your agency presents the the world. Imagine your agency as a person. Are they sentimental and caring? Charmingly no-nonsense? Smart and irreverent? Finding your brand voice, one of the insurance marketing ideas we’ve talked about before, is important when creating any sort of marketing material. When identifying your brand voice, instead of asking “what is my brand about?” ask “who is my brand?” Discover that person, and create your marketing material based on what they would say or do. When you messaging is consistent and accurately reflects your agency, folks are sure to remember it.

Considering a rebrand? It can be a difficult process, but well-worth the effort (we know, we’ve been through it ourselves!). Prospective clients and even existing ones take notice when a brand debuts a fresh, new look. It can be the perfect opportunity to reach new audiences and anyone who’s “on the fence” about choosing your agency. Be sure that your new look reflects your brand voice. What would the “person” behind your brand choose?

Insurance marketing ideas: Customer service

One of the greatest insurance marketing ideas is to attract new clients by taking great care of the ones you already have. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool, and when you treat your customers right they’re sure to talk about it.

Clients love when you go above and beyond for them. If you follow up with them after they create a new policy with you, or if you save them money with a discount before they even ask, it’s something they’ll remember. You can even mail them a hand-written thank-you card to say you appreciate their business (and it doesn’t hurt to include a referral slip in the envelope!).

The most important customer service skill is good listening. Listen to and respond to your customer’s concerns, and follow through on promises in a timely manner. This shows that their needs are important to you. You could even set up a “dissatisfaction survey” for complaints and frustrations. Every agency loves getting glowing testimonials, but how many actively reach out for criticism? Even if you clients already love doing business with you, it’s great for them to know that you’re always seeking to improve.

Be there in the worst of times, too. Instead of a typical business card, create “emergency” cards that have the contact info for local fire department, poison control and other emergency service. Include your own contact information on this card, including a 24/7 number. Not only will your clients appreciate having all this info on-hand, it will also remind them that you’re always there, even in an emergency.

Take care of your customers, and they will take care of you.

Insurance marketing ideas: Utilize the power of social media

Of course, the peak of all insurance marketing ideas has to be social media.

If we didn’t believe that social media was the #1 marketing tool for insurance agents, would we be in this business? Of course not! Social media is powerful enough that it allows you to speak to potentially millions of users at once, while also making personal interaction and one-on-one customer service super simple. From live video you can use to engage with, entertain and educate your audience to the ability to share pictures of your office pets, it’s the easiest and most effective way to get your message to the people you want to insure.

We’ve discussed at length how social media can be a great tool for selling insurance. In addition to that, the interactive nature of these platforms makes customer service easy. Many consumers will comment on company Facebook or Twitter pages to bring up issues they’ve had with a service or product. When you handle customer service issues publicly on social media, it gives potential clients the chance to see what kind of agency you really are — and that can be used to your advantage! For more personal or delicate complaints, you can reply to users with your phone number or a link to your website’s live chat, inviting them to work with you to resolve their issues.

And all the great community work you’ve been doing, and the entertainingly informative blogs you’ve been writing? Social media is the perfect place to share all of that so all your followers can see. Social media is the perfect tool for bringing together all the insurance marketing ideas we’ve shared here.

There are hundreds of insurance marketing ideas to pick and choose from. Ultimately, though, it comes down to a few key elements that will work in any scenario. How can you implement these ideas in your agency?

–By Mallory DuPuy


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