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How many times have you warned your employees not to use Facebook at work? Well, it turns out that it might just be great for their productivity! Facebook’s new Workplace app functions a lot like your personal Facebook account (and is completely separate), but it’s all business. Multiple features allow your team to share ideas, progress and results. Working together — even when you’re on the go — has never been easier.

Workplace is the latest in a list of apps that, according to Fortune, seek to “all-but-eliminate corporate email.” Its chief features include

  • groups than can be used for specific teams or projects
  • a news feed for sharing and viewing shared information
  • a work chat function
  • multi-company groups to be used for collaboration between businesses.

It also has a live video function that companies or teams may use to broadcast important announcements or presentations. A mobile app allows members of a group to read and send updates while on the go, as well. Together, these functions can help teams communicate and collaborate effectively.

Is Workplace Right for Your Agency?

Over 1000 companies have already adopted this productivity app, including Starbucks and the Royal Bank of Scotland. India is the first country to rapidly embrace the new software. With a familiar appearance that’s very similar to Facebook’s main platform, users are expected to easily adapt to this program that’s meant to connect people with greater ease than traditional e-mail. Additionally, the absence of ads makes Workplace a cleaner, more professional experience.

Facebook arrives a little late to the business software game — big names like Google, Apple and Slack have already debuted similar technology. But Workplace carries the advantage of an interface that is already familiar to billions of potential users. As such, they are hoping to break into industries that, up until now, have been hesitant to adopt these newer types of technology. “We wanted to see how it would work in very conservative industries and government agencies,” says Workplace director Julien Codorniou. “We feel we are ready for primetime now.”

For insurance agents like you, this software could be invaluable when it comes to staying in the loop, and keeping your colleagues and employees in it as well. Use it to share notes from your most recent client meeting. Create a group where team members can discuss your agency’s marketing strategies. Livestream important moments from the next insurance expo or convention for those who can’t be there. These are just a few of the ways that Workplace could make working together easier at your agency.

So will Facebook soon be popping up in your office? Workplace is easy to use and has many potential benefits. We say, if your business decides to give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose — and lots to gain.

–By Mallory DuPuy

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